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Differskins chief

Вождь разнокожих


Год: 2012

Страна: Россия

Date of release: 2012

Country: Russia


Двое авантюристов-недотеп решаются на похищение вундеркинда, сына крупного банкира. Неожиданно для похитителей мальчишка вовсе не стремится вернуться домой, а «крупный банкир» оказывается строгой бизнес-леди, которая и не думает выплачивать за сына выкуп…

The film based on the famous O. Henry story “The ransom of the Redskins chief.” The history of the juvenile, an evil genius accurately lies on today Russian realities. This is a story not only about the destructive power of childish things, but also about the nature of their occurrence. Upcoming movie – not just entertaining picture. On the screen – the current relationship problems of children and adults. This is the story of a large modern city, parents who are always busy whose children are given on communication with modern technology, but almost no emotional contact with both parents and peers. Our goal is to make an exciting and hilarious film, familiar and close to audiences of all ages, combining the best traditions of child and family comedy.