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Dmitry Noskov was born in Moscow, Russia on October 11th, 1976. There was very reverent attitude to the music in Dmitry’s family. From the father’s side — he’s grandfather Anatoly Noskov played in the Leonid Utyosov Jazz Orchestra. His grandmother was a ballet dancer and his father Alexander Noskov played several instruments but to provide for the family, he preferred his other talent — the tailor. From an early age, Dmitry showed a real crave for music. Barely learnt the basics of musical notation and composition with the help of a private teacher, Dmitry began to compose his own music. As a teenager, he spent most of the free time listening to popular domestic and western music. As Dmitry admits himself, he learnt English not because of the school but because of the translation of popular western songs lyrics. That’s how he earned his first money in school. Dmitry began to work and earn very early. He didn’t even graduate from the school, only received a certificate stated that he had attended classes from 1st to 9th. Dmitry’s first job was related to computers. He spent a lot of time in the computer club, quickly mastered the basics of the programming and operating, he began to help less experienced visitors. This was noticed by the club owner and he offered a job to Dmitry. A little later Dmitry combined his two talents for music and computers and mastered the profession of arranger.

During this period, Dmitry was fascinated by hip-hop movement and disco-house music. Also tried to compose the songs in these directions. In the period from 1994 to 2006, Dmitry worked with all the stars of the Russian pop-stage: A. Malinin, A. Apina, A. Ukupnik, N. Baskov, B. Moiseev, v. Stashevsky, gr. Assorted, gr. Virus, gr. Daiquiri, gr. Prime Minister, gr. Arrows, I. Allegrova, I. Ponarovskaya, Lolita, L. Gurchenko, M. Shufutinsky, gr. Lesopoval, Trofim, K. Orbakaite, etc. Participated in the following projects: “People’s artist 1,2”(RTR channel), “Melodies and rhythms of foreign pop” (channel 1), “Al Bano Carisi and his ladies”, “San Remo in Moscow”. Foreign pop — stars highly appreciated the skill if Dmitry’s orchestrations and arrangements. Later, one of Dmitry’s compositions was chosen for the Eurovision 2009 main theme musical background. Same year, Dmitry arranged main title song “I don’t believe in miracles” for Alexander Voitinsky’s blockbuster “Black lightning”. Which was performed by Alexander Rybak. 2005 was the first time when Dmitry tried to write the music for the movie. He created original orchestrations of Arkady Ukupnik’s melodies, for the film “Bastards” by Alexander Atanesyan. Since then, the work in the cinema has captured Dmitry and he’s the author of music for more than 50 feature films and tv-series (“T-34”, “Salute-7”, “Attraction”, “Love-carrot”). In many of them he’s also a music producer. Dmitry Noskov is unique sample of a modern composer. Having passed a long practical way from simple forms of popular music, he naturally turned on to more complex structures. Among his such classic composers as: D. Schostakovich, I. Stravinsky, S. Rachmaninov, P. Tchaikovsky, K. Penderetsky, B. Bartok… All this invaluable experience as well as fine taste and commercial flare, allow Dmitry to achieve the highest quality in his work on the highest Hollywood level. Being a big fan of Frank Sinatra, Dmitry began his vocal career in 2017 October 11 th, 2017 — “I’ll sing to you like Frank” program was premiered at “Cinema Club”, with “Krugly band” conducted by Alexey Kruglov. 20 original orchestrations were bought in New York and 4 more were written by the legend of Russian Jazz — Yury Markin. Including the first single “I’ll sing to you like Frank”. Dmitry Noskov successfully performing in Moscow and many other cities within Russia.

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