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  • Dmitry Noskov: “I went all the way in music”

    This fall, the full-length film «Hero» with Petrov and Khodchenkova is released, the musical score for which was written by composer Dmitry Noskov. In the author’s piggy bank, work on the films Salute 7, T 34, and even all parts of the comedy Love Carrot. In his youth, he worked at a computer club and wrote songs in the style of a disco house. But for many years he has been creating musical accompaniment for the largest Russian paintings, and acts as a vocalist with a concert program based on the songs of Frank Sinatra. Dmitry Noskov will tell you more about his path in our interview.

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  • Original score recording session for «Quackerz 3D» animated movie

    «Mosfilm» studio. Moscow, Russia.

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