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Famous film composer turns into Sinatra Dmitry Noskov — creator of countless song arrangements for every single Russian pop star such as F. Kirkorov, I. Ponarovskaya, I. Kobzon, K. Orbakaite, Lolita, N. Baskov, etc… And, also for many foreign performers (Boney M, Al Bano Carisi, C. C. Catch, Toto Cutugno, etc…
Composer for more than 50, most successful Russian feature films such as — T-34 (dir. A. Sidorov), Salyut-7 (dir. K. Shipenko), Attraction (dir. F. Bondarchyuk), etc…

Now he turns to the stage performer. Being a huge fan of Frank Sinatra and having very similar voice timbre and sharp ear, Dmitry decided to make his contribution for popularization of swing music. He wrote the tune and called it “I’ll sing to you like Frank” which opens his show dedicated to great Frank Sinatra. Orchestration was made by the legend of Russian jazz — Yuri Markin, who personally was on the premiere show on October, 2017 and highly appreciated the quality of Dmitry Noskov’s performing. Program includes more than 25 tunes for the big band (Saturday’s night, I’ve got you under my skin, Fly me to the moon, Luck be a lady, I only have eyes for you, etc…).
Original scores by Quincy Jones, Billy May, Alex Stordahl, Nelson Riddle were ordered from New York and became the core of the Dmitry’s show. “I’ll sing to you like Frank” Sextet program contains songs from Sinatra’s 1962 world charity tour, which are rare performed these days (Ol’ man river, One for my baby, All the way, You’re nobody till somebody loves you, Moonlight in Vermont, etc…)

Dmitry’s show is not only very close performance of Sinatra’s songs but also interaction with the audience! Relaxed atmosphere and personal communication between sets, that’s what creates the feeling that you came to your best friend’s party.

Noskov performs in all significant clubs of Moscow (Igor Butman’s Club, Jam Club, Kozlov’s Club), St. Petersburg (Dom 7, White Night). Touring within the Russia and CIS members with a huge success. Participant of most popular jazz festivals in Russia, such as Jazz at Hermitage Garden (Moscow), VR Jazz Fest (Moscow), Jazzman (St. Petersburg), etc…

The main Dmitry’s task is to bring swing music to the field of popular music. To make his own original tunes and became the creator of the new jazz standards. Introduce the Russian swing music to the world audience.

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